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Tapping Tips

To make internal female threads, you can form tap, cut-tap, boring bar lathe thread, or mill tap. Form tapping rolls the threads, and is a chip-less cold-forming process. It produces a stronger thread than a cut-type. The bar/mill tap tools can be used on many sizes...

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Timing thread pitch

The number of places on a gun that use a screw or a threaded connection equals the ways you can err on screw insertion and assembly mismatch. So if you haven’t refreshed your arithmetic skills recently on threads and thread timing, here’s a little primer. At our shop...

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Torque Twice, Tap Once

Mounting a scope has many steps to it, which may include aligning the rings with a special lapping bar to make sure they are perfectly in line so the scope tube isn’t put into torque. But one little step can go a long way to making sure the base stays put on the...

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Connect Socially With Us