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Psalm 18:32 Gun Works offers it’s local services to the East Texas PineyWoods, and customers across the United States are cheerfully serviced by mail.

We Build Custom Rifles

To Your Specifications

We Build Custom Rifles

To Your Specifications

We listen to your needs

We meet your expectations

Impeccable work by our Machinist

manufacturing on demand

We have a full machine shop

of precision tooling

Repair / Refinish Rifles and Handguns

Custom work usually includes new parts that are fitted to the individual gun (grips, sights, laser, rail, muzzle brake, re-chambering, etc.). This may require the gun to be re-blued where needed. Metal finishing also includes bead blasting, or Cerakote gun coating.  Test firing is typically done before the gun is returned to you.

Guns with defaced or missing serial numbers will not be accepted. We ask that the gun be submitted to us EMPTY and handguns accompanied by the proper child safety lock it came with. If none is provided, it will be returned to you with one, according to law.

Every handgun that comes into the shop for repair or adjustment is disassembled down to just parts, springs, and pins. We can determine the condition of the gun, extent of wear or misalignment, and what its problems may be. Included are head spacing, loading, feeding, chambering, firing, extraction and ejection. Replacement parts are OEM or best substitute if not available. No modifications are performed for armorer work. Privately owned handguns must meet common sense safety standards or no modification will be performed.

Although we do not maintain an inventory of handguns for sale, new or used, we can help you select and purchase the gun of your dreams for sporting, protection, or collection.

Custom installation of scope mounts is also offered with lapping in of the mounts to improve scope alignment.

Tooling available: two Sharp lathes, One manual Bridgeport vertical mill, one auto-feed Frejoth vertical mill, one Mitsui surface grinder, all with DRO, bead blaster, IDS rigid borescope, engraving pantograph, various grinders and polishers, bluing tanks, horizontal saw, and precision tooling.


Certain components may be required to be ordered and carry a long lead time to receive. Items such as barrels can take 6 months or longer to receive. We try to carry a few more popular items in stock, but are primarily at the mercy of the manufacturers.

Generally if the job is taking a while to complete, it’s because the parts are still on order. We always want to deliver your gun just in time for the big hunt, the top competition, or the graduation present. However, if you bring the rifle over the day before season opener, we may not be able to help!

“Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.” (Even if we like you.)


Marcia Mason

Marcia Mason

Chief Executive Officer

Mechanical Engineer. Taught how to shoot handgun by a police sniper and rifle by an Olympic champion, she also reloads, hunts, and shoots skeet. Currently a handgun CLEAS armorer.

Our current Gunsmith is Matthew R. Hawes


We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & AmEx. We also accept Cash or Equivalent including Cashier's Checks, Personal Checks and Postal Money Orders. Payment may be made in person, by phone or mail. Contact us for a quote or to place your order.

Texas Residents Pay 6.75% Sales Tax or Furnish a Resale Certificate.


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