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As soon as we approve your purchase it will get first priority handling and shipping.  We cannot approve your purchase until we have in hand a copy of the transfer agent’s FFL certificate. [Your Payment is secure with BLUEDOG point of sale and NMI payment gateway.]

Selecting a firearm transfer agent near you: 

To find the FFL (licensed firearms dealer) nearest you in your state for firearms transfers,
download the list here




It is a 30MB size file in Adobe PDF Reader format that must be downloaded first, then searched for your use:  by zip code, city, or name.

The list is from the US Bureau of ATF&E, and is typically one year old.  It may contain some Dealers who are no longer in business or have moved, and may not contain newer licensees.  This list will be updated annually as released by the ATF. If you cannot handle a file of this size, let us know.

We will be able to arrange it to your convenience, by zip code, name, or by state. If you have any difficulty downloading the file (it is very large) to your computer (don’t use your cellphone), call us from noon to 9PM CT and we will help you out.  (936-369-4361). Ask for Mrs. Mason. Note that not all dealers are interested in being a third-party transfer agent, and may not agree to act in that capacity.  This is normal.

Please call them before you have anything shipped to them, to make sure it’s OK.  They will then need to send a copy (by email) of their FFL certificate to us before we can send the firearm to them for transfer to you. Typically the fee for transferring a firearm is from $25-$75 payable to the transfer agent.  There is no standard fee.  Be sure to call ahead and deal your best deal with them.  It is likely that the agent’s establishment may also teach handgun lessons, stock ammo for sale, or have other amenities which would make you a good customer of theirs in the future.


  • To pass the Federal background check, you must be a resident and citizen of the 50 states of the USA, and at least 21 years of age, to purchase a handgun.
  • You cannot have a history of felony charges:  indictment or conviction, recreational drug or controlled substance use including marijuana, a dishonorable military discharge, a restraining order for domestic violence, alien status: undocumented or non-immigrant visa, or any history of mental institution commitment.  IF ANY of these situations exist, the transfer agent will refuse to give the gun to you, and it will be returned to us at your cost.
  • Regardless of what state you live in, the gun will be registered in your name at the time of transfer by federal law.  You will be required to fill out the Federal form 4473, and submit to the “NICS” background check.  Some states require a waiting period after the time of passing the check prior to when you may take possession.
  • You may NOT purchase the firearm on behalf of someone else (Straw Purchase).
  • Be sure that you have the proper state license to own/purchase a firearm (FOID) ahead of time which your state of residence may require.  Some of these take a long time to apply for and receive.
  • Purchasing a handgun for home use is not the same as getting a Concealed Carry Permit.  If you do not currently have a CCP, you may NOT carry the handgun outside your home, except in your car en route to/from a practice range or gunsmith.