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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Does Psalm Gun Works have a local gun sales storefront?

A: No.  The shop is strictly a repair and custom build facility.  We can order any gun you wish, however.  Internet sales are planned for the near future for a limited inventory.

Q:  Can you thread the ends of a rifle or handgun barrel for mounting a muzzle brake or suppressor?

A:  Yes, we have a full machine shop.

Q:  Can you get a suppressor or silencer for my firearm?

A:  NO.  We do not have a Federal Class 3 License.

Q:  Can you fit a choke to a shotgun barrel?

A:  Yes.  If you don’t have a choke picked out we can get a quality product for you.

Q:  Can you repair a broken stock?

A:  Often, yes.  But the damage may exceed the overall worth and it isn’t always economical to the customer.

Q:  Can you build a customized AR for me?

A:  Yes.  Let us know your budget and we can work to that.

Q:  Can you build a custom bench rest rifle, or hunting rifle?

A:  Certainly!  Keep your budget in mind, it can get pricey.  A down payment is required.

Q:  Do you make reloaded custom ammunition?

A:  No.  You can achieve that goal personally, however, and we’re happy to offer advice.

Q:  Can you do engraving?

A:  Not at this time ourselves.  However, there are several Master Engravers here in Texas that do a fine job; we can send it out for either laser or hand engraving for any level of ornate-ness or style.

Q:  Can you restore bluing and other finishes?

A:  We can re-blue to several different finishes, and Parkerize.  Cerakote needs to be sent out, but you’ll love the finished look.  They do great work!

Q:  Can you process credit card payments?

A:  Yes!  We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Q:  What is an FFL?

A:  When using the term FFL, we are referring to any of over 73,000 firearms dealers in the US which maintain a current license to sell, repair, modify, manufacture, and store firearms and ammunition.  The Federal Firearm Licensee is permitted through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives of the US government, and is subject to annual and semi-annual inspections.

Q:  Having Email Issues Contacting Us?

A:  Should you experience problems trying to contact us, we suggest you use our website to gather the contact information you need, and then be patient a few days if possible.  We are located so far out in the boonies that we use DSL for internet through our phone lines, and our cell phones often don’t work due to dead zones.  If our phone service goes out from bad weather, so does our internet.  And if the utilities are working on the highway, they’ve been known to cut our lines!  Eventually, we’ll get your message and will reply promptly.

Q:  I don’t want to email customer service. What is your telephone number?

A:  To reduce costs and allow us to offer our services at lower rates, we encourage you to use email for most issues. Service via phone is utilized on a case by case basis at our sole discretion. It’s not that we’re not friendly, it’s just that if you take the time explain your need or question in detail via email we will most likely be able to help you very quickly, and you’ll then have a written record of the correspondence.  Otherwise, call us from noon CT til 8 PM.  936-369-4361.