About Us

Quietly hidden at a private airport in the Piney Woods of Eastern Texas, Psalm 18:32 GunWorks was started in 2015 to bring high quality gunsmithing to an under-served area. Any type of legal firearm that needs precision attention to detail can be brought in for repair or modification.  We provide the latest in skills like action bedding, sight and optics mounting and alignment, trigger adjustment, barrel crowning and threading, rechambering, muzzle brakes, stock replacement, scope mounting, tactical and sporting rifle building and mods, handgun repairs, bluing, and antique restoration.  We also have reliable sources for parts, engraving, and cerakote.  The shop has the tooling and precision machines to do nearly any chore requested.  We do not sell firearms, ammunition, or accessories with a retail storefront.  However, new firearms can be ordered to spec.  Our specialty is custom gunsmithing.

Our gunsmith is a graduate of Lassen College of Gunsmithing in California.  His work is perfection.  The owners are a retired mechanical engineer and a pilot.  Come meet us!